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Is it cheaper to live in Mallorca, Spain, or UK — 2024 prices comparison

Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations for holidays, tourism, and property purchases among Brits, Europeans, and Scandinavians. So many people are concerned about the prices and costs of living in Mallorca.

The real estate experts at Yes! Mallorca has prepared this essential overview of living costs. 


  1. Why Majorca?

  2. The cost of living in Mallorca compared to the UK.

    1. Consumer Prices
    2. Transport costs
    3. Utility costs
    4. Childcare
    5. Clothing and Shoes
    6. Rental costs 
    7. Buy Property Price
    8. Health and Insurance

  3. Electricity cost in Mallorca

  4. How much does petrol cost in Mallorca?

  5. Salaries And Financing 
  6. How much money do I need to immigrate to Mallorca?

  7. Example of calculating the amount of money to move from the UK to Mallorca
  8. How much does it cost to live in Mallorca for three months
  9. Where is it cheaper to live in Mallorca, Spain, or the UK?

Why Mallorca?

The Balearic Islands is the region with the highest percentage of foreigners of any Spanish autonomy. 18.8% of all inhabitants of the Balearic Islands are foreigners.

Mallorca, the capital of BI, attracts the most foreigners. According to the National Institute for Statistics (INE), there will be a total of 1,176,000 inhabitants registered in Mallorca in 2022. 55.99% of them are native Mallorcan residents. 20.2% of Mallorca residents are Spanish citizens who have moved here from other autonomies. And 23.8% are expats officially registered on the island.

Citizens of which countries own property in Mallorca.png

Citizens of which countries own property in Mallorca?


Number of citizens officially registered in Mallorca 



United Kingdom






The Netherlands












UK citizens are traditionally one of the largest groups of foreigners who own property in Mallorca. So, they need to know the price of living in Mallorca. Rising inflation and energy costs make this question even more critical. Many British residents wonder how cheap or expensive it is to live in Mallorca compared to the UK.

This article answers popular questions about the cost of living in Mallorca.

  1. Is it expensive to live in Majorca?

  2. How much money do you need to emigrate to Majorca?

  3. Is Majorca more expensive than England?

  4. How much does electricity cost in Majorca?

  5. How much does petrol cost in Majorca?

  6. The cost of living in Mallorca 2022.

  7. How much does it cost to live in Majorca for three months?

  8. Where is it cheaper to live - in the UK or Mallorca? 

The cost of living in Mallorca compared to the UK

To understand how cheaper it is to live in Majorca than in the UK, the first thing to do is compare daily expenses. And prices for basic costs are the same across the Majorca island. In the UK,  living prices can vary depending on the city in which you live. Therefore, for a more accurate analysis, we compare the island of Majorca and three cities in the United Kingdom: London, Birmingham, and Glasgow.

Having studied the full report of the Numbeo portal, we can conclude that as of January 2024, the difference in consumer prices in Mallorca, Madrid and Barcelona is as follows: 

1.     Consumer prices

food prices and groceries mallorca vs UK

Name of product





Milk (regular), (1 liter)

0.98 €

1.54 €

1.53 €

1.41 €

Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)

1.38 €

1.77 €

1.40 €

1.41 €

Eggs (regular) (12)

2.78 €

4.02 €

3.48 €

3.41 €

Chicken Fillets (1kg)

7.64 €

9.14 €

6.69 €

8.14 €

Beef Round (1kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat)

13.92 €

13.86 €

10.29 €

12.65 €

Apples (1kg)

1.82 €

2.84 €

2.17 €

2.64 €

Tomato (1kg)

2.58 €

3.89 €

1.56 €

5.51 €

Potato (1kg)

1.43 €

1.39 €

1.44 €

1.20 €

Water (1.5 liter bottle)

0.65 €

1.44 €

1.26 €

1.06 €

Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range)

6.00 €

10.54 €

8.20 €

9.07 €

Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)

0.92 €

2.34 €

2.15 €

2.00 €

Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle)

1.53 €

2.86 €

3.32 €

2.36 €

Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro)

5.50 €

17.56 €

16.98 €

15.22 €

Over the past year, 2023, the cost of absolutely all consumer goods in the UK has become significantly higher. For example, the cost of dairy products has risen by 21.2% on average. Eggs rose in price by as much as 31%. And gastronomy has risen by an appreciable 15.4%. The same trend is observed for all positions of the consumer basket. 

In Mallorca, consumer goods' prices partly increased and remained at the same level. At the same time, the price increase was not critical. And some items even became cheaper. For example, dairy products decreased in price by 0.01 euros. Eggs rose in price by 7%. And animal products went up by 25%.

At the same time, if you look carefully at the table with prices, you can easily see that even with the rise in prices, Mallorca compares favourably with any city in the UK. 

In Birmingham, the average cost of food has risen by 13.1 % over 2023. In Glasgow, consumer goods prices rose by an average of 15.8 per cent 

Mallorca's average food price increase over the last year was 16.8 per cent. Over the same period in London, food prices rose by 14.5%.

However, it is worth noting that the cost of goods in major UK cities is 40% higher than in Mallorca.

2.     Transportation





One-way Ticket (Local Transport)

2.00 €

3.28 €

2.93 €

2.93 €

Taxi Start (Normal Tariff)

4.20 €

4.68 €

5.58 €

  4.68 €

Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff)

2.50 €

2.22 €

1.31 €

1.61 €

Gasoline (1 liter)

1.65 €

1.77 €

1.81 €

1.83 €

The taxi fare cost in Mallorca increased by 53.2% per 1 kilometre. In London, taxi fares rose by 12.6 per cent. In Birmingham, the cost of a taxi fare remained unchanged. In Glasgow, the price rose by 19.3 per cent.

Fuel in Mallorca fell in price by an average of 2.4 per cent over the year. In London, fuel prices fell by 24.8 per cent. In Birmingham and Glasgow, fuel prices have remained the same over the last year months.

Transport costs are also much lower in Mallorca than in the UK.

The cost of petrol in Mallorca is lower than in British cities by an average of 8.3%. It should not be forgotten that there are no traffic jams in Mallorca. And the distances you drive daily will be less than in major British cities.

Learn all about taxis in Mallorca: how to order, how much it costs, what to choose, and where to find an Uber.

3.     Utility Costs






Basic (Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment

193.00 € 

354.56 €

287.56 €

321,67 €

Mobile Phone Monthly Plan with Calls and 10GB+ Data

20.00 €

17.30 €

21.31 €

14.77 €

Internet (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL)

36.00 €

37.58 €

32.97 €

37.46 €

Against the backdrop of the energy crisis in Europe, one of the significant price increases has been in electricity costs.
The cost of electricity in Mallorca for 2023 rose by 6.6% and in London by 13.4%. For residents in Birmingham, electricity costs increased by 26%. In Glasgow, by 22.6%.
At the same time, the nominal cost of electricity in Britain's cities is almost twice that of Mallorca. 

Other costs remained at the same level or showed a non-critical price increase.

4.     Childcare 

Type of school





Preschool (or Kindergarten), Full Day, Private, Monthly for 1 Child

616.67 €

2,085.61 €

1,393.07 €

1014.63 €

International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child

12,150.00 €

23,478.67 €

17,365.80 €

11,414.60 €

The cost of educational services increased by 4.8% in Mallorca. The price of children's education has remained the same in UK cities. However, the difference in cost remains enormous. Even with the increase in the price of educational institutions, the cost of this service in Mallorca is at least two times lower.

That said, there are quite a few famous British public schools on the island which will cost you less than in the UK.

Read more about private and public schools in Mallorca in our article: International, public, and private schools in Mallorca to consider in 2024

5.    Clothing And Shoes

Clothes, shoes





1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Similar)

82.33 €

97.88 €

80.28 €

88.54 €

1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, H&M, ...)

44.17 €

45.94 €

30.94 €

37.46 €

1 Pair of Nike Running Shoes (Mid-Range)

73.62 €

101.07 €

87.80 €

99.06 €

1 Pair of Men Leather Business Shoes

100.71 €

115.45 €

93.66 €

82.44 €

Spending on clothing for 2023 in Mallorca increased by 12.5 per cent.  
In UK cities, clothing expenditure increased just as strongly:
  • London: +10.6%
  • Birmingham: +9.2%
  • Glasgow: +18.3%

6.    Rent Apartment Price

Apartment type





Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre

975.00 €

2,595.80 €

1,138.21 €

1,245.39 €

Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre

828.57 €

1,905.81 €

961.67 €

893.36 €

Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre

1,662.50 €

4,835.11 €

2,039.02 €

2,018.15 €

Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre

1,341.67 €

3,170.49 €

1,352.84 €

1,430.63 €

The cost of renting accommodation in Mallorca increased slightly in January 2023. The difference amounted to +16.6%. 

The cost of renting a home in London rose by 15.3%, and in Glasgow, prices rose by 22%. In Birmingham, rental prices fell sharply by 11.8%.

Although Mallorca is one of Spain's most "expensive" regions, the cost of renting a home here is lower than in UK cities. The same is with the buying property prices. Mallorca's property prices are 2-3 lower than in the UK.

To understand the current state of the Mallorca property market in 2024 and our predictions for the future, we suggest reviewing our analytical article: "Mallorca Property Prices & Market Report 2023-2024." 

7.   Buy Apartment Price 





Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre

4,000.00 €

13,657.81 €

6,420.50 €

5,317.28 €

Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre

3,200.00 €

8,347.80 €

3,748.30 €

2,609.41 €

The cost per square metre in Mallorca has increased by 11.2% over the last 12 months.

In London, the cost of 1 m2 has increased by 13.5%. 

But for investors and property owners in Birmingham and Glasgow, the news is not comforting.

Birmingham property has lost as much as 37% in value over 2023. "Bricks" in Glasgow have lost 30% in value.

These facts demonstrate the stability of the Mallorca property market compared to other European markets and give an insight into why Mallorca is so attractive to foreigners.

We recommend reading our analytical article to understand better the current Mallorca property market in 2024 and future predictions.

8.    Health and Insurance


The UK

Medical Insurance

From 37 ,60 €/month

From 180 €/ month

On a positive note, the cost of private medical insurance has remained unchanged over the past six months.

Electricity cost in Mallorca

Electricity cost in Mallorca

Electricity and fuel costs are rising in 2022 throughout Europe and the UK.

Energy Suppliers in Mallorca provide flexible tariffs for electricity consumption as follows:

1. A flat-rate tariff based on the kilowatts you use and the power you consume. Here's a flat-rate price example from one of Mallorca's leading energy company — Endesa:




·       0,192699 €/kWh

·       0,172904 €/kWh

·       0,129289 €/kWh

·       0,188567 €/kWh

·       0,168758 €/kWh

·       0,125166 €/kWh

·       0,185322 €/kWh

·       0,165525 €/kWh

·       0,121922 €/kWh

2. Variable or floating energy rate - the prices vary during the day. For example, the price is lower at nigth than during the day. Energy company gives you a chance to save money if you use appliances like the washing machine, dishwasher, etc., in hours when your electricity tariff is cheaper.

  • Maximum value: 0.2133 €/kWh has almost doubled in the last six months from 0.10787 €/kWh

  • Average: 0.1638 €/kWh. Price over six months increased by 38% from 0.10131 €/kWh

  • Minimum value: 0,11464 €/kWh. 

3. A flexible tariff means the price depends on your behavior. The company defines the hour in the day when you use electricity the most and sets a discount for that hour. The cost per kilowatt goes up during the lowest hour of consumption.

We recommend contacting your electricity provider for more detailed advice to find the most suitable tariff for you.

What time is the electricity in Mallorca cheaper?

Suppose you like to save money and you are a practical person. In that case, you will probably choose a floating rate electricity tariff when you buy a property in Mallorca. But how do you know when electricity consumption will be cheaper for you?

It is straightforward and quite logical:

Electricity in Spain is cheaper when it is used less. That is, at night.

The tariff is at a reduced price from 22:00 to 12:00 in the winter and from 23:00 to 13:00 in the summer.

From 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. is the cheapest period.

Use your electricity wisely! Program your washing machine and dishwasher to run at the lowest electricity tariff. Then you can save up to 35% on your Mallorca electricity bill.

Electricity prices in Mallorca by hours




0.11188 €/kWh


0.10407 €/kWh


0.09947 €/kWh


0.09945 €/kWh


0.09795 €/kWh


0.10463 €/kWh


0.11493 €/kWh


0.13006 €/kWh


0.16208 €/kWh


0.15296 €/kWh


0.17345 €/kWh


0.16627 €/kWh


0.16434 €/kWh


0.16398 €/kWh


0.11404 €/kWh


0.11526 €/kWh


0.12226 €/kWh


0.13867 €/kWh


0.21807 €/kWh


0.2162 €/kWh


0.21012 €/kWh


0.19822 €/kWh


0.14822 €/kWh


0.13436 €/kWh

Tip: To save money on your electricity bills, keep track of when the cheapest tariff is on your electricity company's website and plan energy-intensive activities for that period. 

How much does petrol cost in Mallorca?

Fuel prices in Mallorca in 2024

One of the critical concerns for Europeans today is the fuel cost for vehicles. REPSOL, a well-known chain of petrol stations in Mallorca, offers fuel prices as of January 30, 2024, as follows:

  • Petrol 95: 1.689 €/L, a decrease of 3% from 1.739 €/L.

  • Diesel A: 1.619 €/L, a reduction of 10% from 1.779 €/L.

  • Petrol 98: 1.839 €/L, a decrease of 2.7% from 1.889 €/L.

The pricing for different fuels is consistent with other petrol stations in Spain.

Moreover, using the app at the Mallorca petrol station, where you refuel most frequently, can earn you an additional discount of 5 to 10 cents per litre, along with a complimentary car wash.

Additionally, it's worth noting that Mallorca being an island means shorter distances to necessary infrastructure, resulting in lower mileage and fuel consumption for vehicles.

Fuel Prices in Mallorca in 2023.png

Wrapping it up

The amount to maintain an average standard of living in London will be 7,141.4 euros. In Birmingham, your living expenses will be 4,448.8 euros. A month of living in Glasgow would cost 4,682.9 euros. For the same standard of living in Mallorca, you would need 3,883.9 euros. That includes not only your daily costs but also the cost of renting a place to live in Mallorca.

The critical point is that even six months ago, the amount calculated to maintain a standard of living in British cities was higher. This calculation was cited by the analytical portal Nubeo. This fact can tell us how much the standard of living in the UK has fallen since the beginning of the energy crisis in Europe because of the military conflict in Ukraine.

However, these locations' average monthly income levels are also very different.

Salaries And Financing





Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax)

1 565,62€




Annual percentage rate of charge (20-year fixed mortgage rate 3.5%     5.57% 5.92% 5.72%

Most UK citizens living in Majorca continue to earn or receive money from the UK. For example, freelancers, senior managers of UK companies, business owners, IT, designers, and retired people.

Earnings in the UK are incomparably higher than in Majorca. At the same time, Mallorca is cheaper to live. Therefore, if the income is generated in the UK, it is more profitable to live in Majorca. But also keep in mind the tax residency. Before deciding, we recommend consulting your tax advisor to avoid problems with the country and the amount of taxes to pay.

How are the Brits doing in Majorca?

How much money do I need to emigrate to Majorca?

The cost of living in Majorca, Spain, is lower than in the UK.

But it would be best if you also considered the extra costs of moving to Mallorca. 

We have prepared information for you on the possible extra costs related to moving to Mallorca from the UK.

Extra-costs of moving from the UK to Majorca, Spain 


Flight tickets

€ 53— 221

Car rental (high season)

From € 65 per day

Car rental (low season)

From € 30 per day

Hotel room for one night. Four stars

From € 100

Average property price

4,275.00 €/m2

Long-term apartment rentals

15.4 €/m2

Rental Bond

The price of 2 months of rental

Broker’commission for rental contract

The price of 2 months of rental

NIE Obtaining


Account Opening in a Spanish Bank

Depends on the bank. Can be free.

Spanish Course

€ 5 – 20 per hour

Household shipping

From € 1.200 for box up to 100 kg

Home internet contract

From € 52

Please take a careful look at the following list and determine which expenses are necessary and which can be avoided. Once you have done this, add 4.275 euros to the total amount to calculate the monthly cost of living in Mallorca for one person. If you plan to move with your family, the cost of rent will not increase, and your average monthly expenses will be reduced by 1.5 to 2 times. However, if you're moving with several family members, your one-time moving cost will increase proportionally to the number of family members.

Сost of moving from the UK to Majorca

Example (2 adults)

Cost per 2 persons

Flight tickets


Car rental per month (low season)

€ 1.000 /month

2-bedroom apartment rental

€13.400 per year (€1.120/month)

Broker’s commission

€ 2.240 (one-time fee)

Rental Bond

€ 2.240 (one-time fee)


€ 300

Household Shipping

€ 1.200

Internet contract

€ 600 per year

Spanish language course, 2 hours per week

€ 320 per month (1year )


€ 21.300

Note: When planning to rent a property in Mallorca, it is best to have a minimum amount equal to 1 year's rent. The landlord may ask for an appropriate "bank confirmation" of sufficient funds for a long-term lease. Therefore the rent amount is multiplied by 12 months.

A Spanish language course involves attending a tutor twice a week for 1 hour. The total for two people is 16 hours per month. The minimum duration of the Spanish course would be one year. Consequently, you need 2,880 Euros per year to study Spanish with a professional tutor.

Consequently, a family of two adults should have 21,300 euros on hand to move to Majorca comfortably and adapt to local life.

How much does it cost to live in Mallorca for three months?

Mallorca is one of Europe's top resorts. Europeans apparently decide to buy a property in Mallorca after spending a  holiday on the island. Most of them buy the property as a second residence to live for a few months per year. It's usually a few weeks during the Easter and summer holidays and Christmas time.

During the summer months, living expenses are limited to the grocery basket, filling up the car, and going out to restaurants. The living cost for one person would be  €550 - 600 per month (if you own a dwelling). If you plan to rent a property in Mallorca in the summer, the minimum price would be 1.500 euros per month.

During the winter, those who enjoy a quiet holiday in Mallorca would have a discount on property rental. In the off-season, renting a property in Mallorca can be 650 - 700 euros per month (for a 1-bedroom apartment). However, most grocery shops, petrol stations, and restaurants will reduce prices by 10% - 15% during winter. The monthly cost of living in Mallorca for one person per month during winter would be 500 euros.

Note: The monthly amount depends on the living standard and your demands. The calculation is based on everyday food consumption, visiting a restaurant once a week, and moderate car fuel using.

Where is it cheaper to live in Mallorca, Spain, or the UK? 

  1. Consumer prices in Mallorca are 1.1% higher than in Barcelona (excluding rents).

  2. In Mallorca, consumer prices, including rent, are 5.4% lower than in Barcelona.

  3. Rental prices in Mallorca are 18.3% lower than in Barcelona.

  4. Prices in Mallorca restaurants are 6% lower than in Barcelona. 

  5. Food prices in Mallorca are 0.9% higher than in Barcelona.

*based on Numbeo data

The quality of life in Mallorca is very high. You can enjoy a healthy, warm climate and outdoor activities throughout the year.

Living in Mallorca is cheaper compared to the UK and many other European countries. But to live here, you need to get your own home in Mallorca or rent it out.

We are here to help! Yes! Mallorca Property helps you buy or rent a Mallorca property.

We have excellent customer reviews on Google. We will help you buy or sell your Mallorca property fast, safely, and profitably. Contact us today! 

This article Lebenshaltungskosten auf Mallorca 2024. Wo ist das Leben günstiger — Mallorca oder Deutschland: Übersicht und Preisvergleich provides more information about the cost of living in Mallorca compared to Germany.

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